STUCK ELEVATOR often soars in Festival of Arts & Ideas production in New Haven

STUCK ELEVATOR by Au Yong & Jafferis
International Festival of Arts and Ideas
Long Wharf Theatre


"Even though the character Guang remains trapped between floors in a New York tower in the new musical STUCK ELEVATOR, his portrayer, the marvelous Korean-American tenor Julius Ahn, allows Guang to soar, as he sings of his dreams for a future life for his family in this country and recounts his journey from China as an undocumented immigrant."

"All of this is told through a musical score that is never less than fascinating and, in Ahn's glorious tenor voice or in quartets or quintets with his cast mates, has moments of transcendent beauty and power. It's more of an operatic score than a musical comedy one, but it retains a gentle honesty that respects Guang and empathizes with his predicament."

"Ahn is on stage for virtually the entire show but any exhaustion he exhibits is clearly in service to his character. He essentially sings throughout the entire show as well, and his voice keeps its clarity and strength right up to the end. Guang is clearly a role he relishes."